Children Hub Electric Baby Nail Clippers – Nail File with LED Light – Safe for Newborn – With Additional Replacement Pads


About the product
  • • SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES: A convenient nail clipper/nail file for babies, children, and adults. With different grinding and polishing heads that will suit your needs
  • • DUAL SPEED AND ROTATION: Efficiently trim your child’s nails with high or low speed. You may also use its clockwise and counterclockwise feature to make sure all nail parts are reached
  • • EASY TO USE AND 100% SAFE FOR BABIES: With a soft and ultra-fine polishing head that’s specially made for babies. Simply use the button to select your preferred working mode
  • • 10 PCS OF POLISHING/GRINDING HEADS: 4 cushioned polishing heads for babies, 2 metal grinding heads for adults, and 4 replacement polishing heads for babies/children
  • • VERY HANDY AND PORTABLE: Includes a luxury box so mommies can bring it anywhere. It’s also a great gift for all occasions. The protective storage case keeps all grinding heads organized. Definitely a must-have for all moms


Product description

Is trimming your baby’s nails still a nightmare? Worry no more with Children Hub Electric Baby Nail Clippers!

Children Hub understands how difficult it is to trim children’s nails, especially infants’. We want them to avoid scratching and hurting their skin, but it’s never easy to find the right accessories.

As parents, our child’s safety is always our priority. Children Hub now offers an Electric Baby Nail Clipper that will end your worries. The polishing heads for babies and children are made from EVA material (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) which is extremely elastic similar to rubber, yet with excellent toughness. The main electric device also includes a front LED light to ensure ultimate safety. Trimming your baby’s nails is now possible anywhere, and anytime of the day.

Other features:
• Dual rotation feature (clockwise and counterclockwise)
• Dual speed (high and low)
• Different grinding and polishing heads for all ages

Material (main machine): ABS
Power Supply: 2x AA Batteries (NOT included)
Fast Level: 8000rpm/min
Slow Level: 5000rpm/min
Voltage: 3V
Weight: Approx. 0.74g (without attachments)

Package includes: 
4 cushioned polishing heads for babies/children
2 Grinding heads for adults
4 replacement polishing heads
1 Storage case


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