“I was looking for a simple to use product to illuminate the side entrance to my house without the hassle of wiring and mounting. This setup is ideal, with decent sunlight, as it’s easy to install and those little lights are powerful! The motion sensor works clearly in the middle of night, which was a […]


“This is the perfect Bluetooth headphone that I was searching for a long time. Its sound quality is simply awesome. I can easily control volume, start and pause music, and answering call without using my phone. And also its sweat proof.”


“I LOVE THIS PRODUCT. It is durable and easy to use. The sound it produces is great and easy syncs with my iPhone. I have the attachment for my bike and I love to take it with me. It is super compact and easy to throw into my backpack when I go hiking. It is […]

Jo Pennyon

“Fantastic service. Item arrived one full day ahead of schedule. This certainly does fit my Honda H-RV 2016. Plenty of fabric. Easy to scooch it around to get the whole huge windshield covered. Silver on one side black on reverse. Will use this very frequently as I live in Texas. Easy to fold up. Also […]

M.R. Smithon

“Excellent OBD2 scanner, included software is very usable. Definitely the WiFi version is more flexible in use than the Bluetooth versions. The scanner works with many packages.”


“I tried these on my printer right away when i got them. they come individually packed and as soon as i tried popping them into the printer i had no problem at all. i use the ink mostly on coupons and papers i print out for class and i have had no issues how the color […]


“Works perfectly. I am always concerned when ordering aftermarket ink, but since I print a lot, Not only do these work well, but they are very sturdy I’ve been using one of these cartridges with my current ones (which consist of one major brand and two of another brand) and they work fine in combination. […]